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For Employers

Better Recruiting. Increased Energy. Higher Retention.

In tough economic times, the cost of poor selection and placement decisions can be extremely high for both organizations and individuals. All employees who survive these tough times will be called upon to do more, and in many cases, with less support. This increases the importance of selecting the candidate with the highest likelihood of being a good fit for the role he/she is expected to play within the organization. The key questions for the employer become:

  • Am I doing all I can to make sure that each hiring decision is the right one?
  • Do I wish I had a way to minimize the risk of a poor hiring decision?
  • Can I make better hiring decisions a vital part of my risk management strategy?
If you answered, “Yes” to these questions, the JPEATM is the tool for you. You will be able to identify your job expectations and compare them to the candidates’ preferences. The results and brief “tutorial” will help you focus on what matters in each candidate interview, thereby allowing you to make more informed hiring decisions. It will also help you:
  • Increase the effectiveness of your candidate screening process
  • Develop and ask interview questions that are customized for each candidate
  • Cut the cost of recruitment by getting a large return from a small investment
  • Promote the right person into the right position
  • Maximize employee retention by developing a more energized work force
  • Place people in jobs where they are likely to be energized
  • Minimize the risk of stress-related and other liability claims

The JPEATM will help you resolve the real energy crisis in your organization – the human energy crisis.

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