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How Does It Work?

Better Science. Better Results. Increased Employee Energy.

It isn't sheer coincidence that some individuals, teams and organizations flourish, while others flounder and fail. It's often predictable. More importantly, it's preventable.

The Job-Person-Environment Assessment™ (JPEA™) is a three-part instrument whose parts can be used individually or in combination. JPEA™ results provide information that is needed to enhance the effectiveness of a variety of organizational functions. When all three (3) parts of this comprehensive online personal inventory are used, the JPEA™ provides a multi-dimensional look at:

  • How the employee is required/expected to behave in the Job (employee perception);
  • How the employee prefers to behave in the Job (employee work style preference); 
  • The “Fit” between the Job and Employee; and 
  • The “Support” that the organization provides (employee perception)

For the employee, the “Fit” result answers the question, “Am I in the right job?” The “Support” result answers the question, “Am I working for the right employer?” These answers become a measure of job satisfaction and represent the first steps on the employee’s journey toward full engagement. These results can be averaged and grouped in ways that provide vital information about not only the individual employee, but also the team or work group, department, or the entire organization.

When the parts of the JPEA™ are used individually or in various combinations, the results can be used to enhance the effectiveness of:

  • Employment Candidate Screening;
  • Employee Selection, Placement, and Orientation;
  • Risk Management;
  • Team-Building/Partnership Development;
  • Career Development;
  • Employee Retention;
  • Succession Planning; and
  • Outplacement.

Whether it is used for an employment candidate or employee, a team, or the entire organization, the JPEA™ identifies the work-related challenges that tend to drain employee energy. Because of its diagnostic design, JPEA™ results also identify opportunities to meet those challenges and maximize the likelihood of both individual and organizational success.

Successful organizations are built on the foundations of effective relationships between and among employees. By using the JPEA™, you can hire the right people, improve team effectiveness, and increase job satisfaction, employee morale, and retention rates. The JPEA™ pinpoints the relationships, behaviors and practices that contribute to higher levels of job satisfaction and employee energy, both of which contribute to full engagement. It will help your employees love their jobs again.

The Science Behind the JPEA™

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