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For Employees/Career Changers

Increased Energy. Greater Satisfaction. Renewed Hope.

Are you ready for a career change but just cannot find the right fit?

Can you risk taking another wrong turn?
People work every day in jobs that they are skilled at but are not passionate about or comfortable in. Worldwide, millions of workers are dissatisfied with their career but just can’t figure out why.
Does any of this sound like you? Do you wish you could look forward to Monday mornings again?

If you are like most of us, you will have experiences at work that affect your entire day, both positively and negatively. On some days, you will leave work flying high and with more than enough energy (excitement, enthusiasm) to get involved in meaningful ways in after-work activities. On other days, your biggest challenge during the day will be surviving work, and you will leave with only enough energy to try to recover overnight so you can do it again the next day. So, the key questions become:

  • Am I in the “right” job and employed by the “right” organization?
  • At the end of most of my work days, am I flying high, or am I “toast?"
  • Regardless, do I ever wonder why and/or what I can do about it?
  • Do I have difficulty finding the right words to express to others what’s happening to me at work and why?

If you knew why, you could make more informed choices about managing your career. Also, you would be able to talk with important others about your experience. Your JPEATM results will tell you what and why in a language that helps you share with those important others your experience and the reasons for it. Ready to take the JPEATM? Click here to get started!

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